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Using Tarot Cards to Awaken Your Intuition: A Quick And Easy Guide


We all have multiple intelligences. Our intuitive intelligence is one of those – sometimes referred to as your sixth sense. But we don’t always use this extra sense. How do you know what your intuition is telling you? What does it feel like? And how do you make sense of it? Let’s talk about how you can use tarot cards to awaken your intuition!

What is intuition?

Intuition is the feeling you get when something feels right. You might feel like you “just know.” But what does that mean? What do you think about when you’re intuitively sure that something is true? How do you tap into your intuitive sense? How do you learn to use it on a daily basis?

Ways to Tap into Your Intuition in Everyday Life


Meditation helps us connect to our intuition. It allows us to access our inner wisdom and become aware of different aspects of ourselves. In addition, it gives us the opportunity to relax and de-stress. We are able to think about things that we find difficult to do while meditating.

In my experience, meditation helps me to tap into my intuitive knowing and connect ideas in a way I normally wouldn’t

The most important thing is to practice regularly. You don’t have to spend hours every day practising meditation; just 15 minutes a day is enough. Start slowly and build up gradually.

woman meditating a sunset
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My preferred journaling method for accessing my intuition is to complete morning pages after a good night sleep.

To complete morning pages, sit down with a cup of coffee in the quite and solitude of the morning, and just start to write. Don’t think too much, just write and write and write whatever comes up. You can even ask questions and see what answers come forth.

Tarot Card Reading

Intuition is a gateway into our subconscious minds. And while we often think of intuition as being something innate, it actually develops throughout life. In fact, research suggests that most people are born with an inherent sense of intuitive judgement and meaning making, but we lose touch with this ability as we age. Tarot is a great tool for developing intuition.

Through numerology and symbolism, Tarot reading can help you bypass your conscious mind and tap into a deeper knowing. 

Learning the art and skill of tarot reading will not only help you access and grow your intuition it also means you can get a free tarot reading at any time and might even be able to turn it into a side hustle!

If you search online you will see countless search results for:

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There is a huge market for people who have the skills to access their intuitive skills and leverage the ancient art of tarot card reading to provide insights and guidance that will help people improve their lives.

Table of Contents

How to Read Tarot Cards: A Beginner’s Guide

Tarot cards are one of the oldest forms of divination known to humankind. They date back over 2,500 years , when they were used by ancient Egyptians and Romans. Today, Tarot remain popular around the world, and there are many different decks available to choose from. But how do you know what deck to use? And how do you read tarot cards? Let’s dig into it!

First, Clear Your Mind and Awaken Your Intuition

Before beginning a tarot reading, it helps to ground yourself and prepare your body and mind. You might even do some breathing exercises to relax. This way, you’ll be able to concentrate on what you really want to ask about. If you already have tarot deck(s), you can choose one that suits your purpose best. You can even use a simple pack of playing cards as you begin to learn the art of tarot reading.

Tarot readings are based on questions asked by clients. Alternately, the reader may ask the client a few questions to find out what he or she wants to learn. The tarot reader then casts the cards and interprets the meaning of the cards cast. (When you are learning Tarot, you are both reader and client, so you may need to take some time to think about what you want from the reading).

The most important thing to remember when learning Tarot reading is to remain open minded. When you’re trying to figure something out or receive a clear message, it’s easy to become attached to your ideas. However, if you let go of preconceived notions, you will discover things you never knew that you knew.

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Start Tarot Card Reading with an Effective Question

To use tarot cards effectively, start with an effective question. Don’t just toss a single card down randomly. Think about why you want to use the cards. What are you hoping to find out?

Shuffle the Tarot deck with a Question in Mind

Shuffling a deck of cards is a great way to relax and clear your head. If you are feeling stressed out, try shuffling a deck of cards while thinking about a particular problem. This method helps you focus on the issue at hand and lets go of distracting thoughts. You can even use it to help you prepare for a meeting.

You don’t necessarily need a specific question in mind to shuffle the cards. Just think about what you want to know about yourself and how you feel about certain situations. For example, if you’re having trouble deciding whether to move forward with a relationship, consider asking yourself “What do I really want?” or “Is there someone else out there better suited for me?”.

Cast your Tarot Cards

Once you’ve chosen a question, or topic, cast your cards. There are many different spreads to choose from. You can cast one single card, or do a simple 3 cards spread (past, present, future) or a more complex casting. The book “1001 Tarot Spreads: The Complete Book of Tarot Spreads for Every Purpose Ultimate Guide to Tarot” includes lots of casting options.

As you are learning, don’t worry about getting too fancy with casting. Once you’ve got a specific goal in mind for the reading, just pick up a few cards and look at them.

Interpreting the Tarot Meaning

Look for Patterns in the Cards’ Messages

Are there themes that recur throughout the reading? Do certain cards seem to represent different aspects of your life? Does one card stand out? Use those clues to guide you toward finding meaningful meaning in the cards’ messages and interpretations.

Tarot Cards on table

Before Looking Up the Meanings, Decide on One Yourself

There are many ways to interpret the meaning of a card. For example, let’s think about an Ace Card. (The Minor Arcana contains numbered cards like a regular deck of cards).

Some people think that the Ace represents “the beginning”, while others say it represents “a chance”. Some even say that the Ace symbolizes “the end of something”. However, most people agree that the Ace usually stands for “change”.

So, if you cast an Ace, you might ask yourself questions like: What am I trying to achieve? What potential changes am I contemplating or fearing? How can I improve my situation? By answering those questions, you’ll be able to determine what the Ace really means.

For example, if you cast an Ace of Wands, which represents “new beginnings” and you’re thinking about starting a new job, you can take this card as inspiration.

However, if you cast the Ace of Cups which represents “love and affection” and you’ve been struggling with quitting smoking, you might want to focus on developing your relationship with your loved ones, or your relationship with yourself.

Study the Journey of the Tarot Cards

For example: 

Ace of hearts

A symbol of love and passion. It represents a relationship where there is mutual respect and admiration. This card often brings together people who are meant to be together. If you see this card in your reading, it could mean a new beginning.

You might find yourself feeling happy about something that happened recently. Or maybe you feel like you want to make changes in your life. Whatever the case, you might just be ready for a change.

If you play poker, the Ace of hearts is called the high card. It’s considered the highest value card in a deck of playing cards. So, if you see this card in a reading, you might feel lucky because you know you have the upper hand.

The Ace of clubs

A symbol of friendship and loyalty. When you see this card, you might feel comfortable sharing personal information with someone close to you. Perhaps you feel like you want someone to lean on.

Or perhaps you want to open up to someone else. Either way, you might be looking for ways to strengthen relationships.

The Ace of Diamonds

A symbol of wealth and prosperity. When you see this, you might feel excited about the future. Maybe you’re thinking about starting a new venture or taking a chance on a new opportunity.

You might even be considering making some big purchases. The Ace of diamonds can bring you opportunities that you never thought possible.

The Ace of Spades

A symbol of honesty and integrity. When you see this symbol, you might feel confident about what you say and do. You might feel inspired to take action. And you might even feel motivated to go out into the world and spread your wings.

Major Arcana Tarot Cards

The Major Arcana is made up of 22 cards. These cards represent large events in our life or key characteristics of ourselves, humanity, or culture. They can show us how we interact with others and tell us things about ourselves. They can help us understand our emotions and they give us guidance about how to deal with situations in our daily lives.

Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

Minor Arcana (or Minor Cards) represent the smaller details of our lives. They show us what happens around us every day.

Some examples include:

The Ten of Cups

This card shows you how others view you. It tells you whether they think you’re trustworthy or not.

The Seven of Wands

This card shows you what you’ll accomplish today. It gives you an idea of what you’ll work on during the next seven days.

The Five of Coins

This card shows you the obstacles you will face in the coming week. It reveals any problems that may arise.

The Three of Wands

This shows you what you‘ll experience over the next three months. It indicates what kind of events you can expect to take place.

Tarot Card Spread on the floor

Suit Symbols

You also need to look at the suit symbols when casting Minor Arcana cards.

The Wands 

The Wands suit represents someone who likes to take action, but he doesn’t always do it wisely. He is bold, impulsive, and sometimes rash. He takes risks and enjoys life. But he also makes mistakes and causes problems.

This card tells us that we must learn how to control our impulses, strive for mental clarity, and make wise decisions.

If we are too hasty, we might end up doing things that hurt ourselves or others. We could lose money, damage relationships, or even cause harm. However, if we use our intuition, we will avoid making mistakes.

Wands are associated with the element of Fire. They symbolize passion, energy, enthusiasm, and strength. Wands can represent the following:

  • A person who is passionate about something
  • Someone with a strong personality
  • An individual who has a lot of drive and ambition
  • Someone who is very energetic
  • Someone who is full of confidence
  • Someone who is very enthusiastic
  • Someone who is very powerful
  • Someone who is very determined

The Cups (Chalice)

Cups are associated with Water. They represent emotions, feelings, and intuition. The cups have been interpreted differently by different cultures throughout history.

For example, in China, they were thought to represent wealth. In Egypt, they represented fertility. And in Greece, they represented beauty.

Cups can represent the following:

  • Someone who is sensitive & feels deeply
  • Someone who is compassionate
  • Someone who is kind
  • Someone who is nurturing
  • Someone who is understanding
  • Someone who is thoughtful
  • Someone who is caring & gentle
  • Someone who is patient & forgiving
  • Someone who is humble
  • Someone who is spiritual
  • Someone who is creative & artistic

The Swords

The Swords suit depicts a struggle between two opposing forces within ourselves. This could be a situation where we are faced with a choice between two different paths, one of which feels like it might be better than the other.

In such cases, the best thing to do is to choose the path that feels most natural to us. We must make sure that we don’t let our emotions cloud our judgement. If we do, we risk losing out on something great because we didn’t take the chance to explore what lies beyond our current reality.

Tarot Cards

The Pentacles (Coins)

The Pentacles suit represents the physical realm. In Tarot it symbolizes wealth, abundance and prosperity. If you are looking for good news, you’re holding the wrong card. The cards say “You’ve done well.” You’ve earned what you have. But don’t let the card fool you; there’s still plenty of work ahead. A lot of people think that once they reach financial security, they’ll never worry about money again. They’ll stop working and live off their investments. But that’s not how life works. There’s always something else to do, something bigger to achieve. The trick is knowing when to take breaks and enjoy yourself.

Numerology in Tarot Cards

You’ll also want to consider the number values of the Minor Arcana cards.

What does each number mean?

  1. Beginnings, changes

  2. Developments, paring, choices

  3. Creating and connecting

  4. Conclusions, stability, security

  5. Instability, crisis

  6. Progress, community

  7. Growth, reflection, assessment

  8. Speed, power

  9. Expansion, independence, solitude

  10. Completion

random numbers

Pick a Tarot Card Deck that speaks to you

A Brief History of Tarot Card Decks (Rider-Waite, etc, etc)

In 1857, French occultist Eliphas Lévi published his book “Magie Biblique,” which included a deck of 78 cards based upon the work of the ancient Egyptians. In it, he introduced the world to the Tarot de Marseille, one of the most well known tarot decks ever produced.

This deck became popular among Western mystics such as Aleister Crowley and Arthur Edward Waite, who used it to perform divination rituals.

Most Tarot decks come in packs containing either 52 or 78 cards. These decks usually contain one card per suit, although some decks do not follow this rule. For example, the Thoth deck includes 22 cards per suit, while the Rider Waite deck contains four suits, each having 13 cards. Some decks even include additional cards that don’t fit into the standard number of cards per suit. 

Today, there are many different variations of the Thoth deck including the Rider-Waite-Smith deck. However, the options don’t end there.

When picking a tarot deck, you need to find something that speaks to you and sparks your intuition. Here are some of our favorites: 

A great tool to have when learning the Tarot is a journal. Check out this Tarot Journal from our publishing partner.

This journal guides you through all of the essentials when starting Tarot and provides structure for developing your skills and tools for documenting your readings.